Simcity Buildit – How to Get Simoleons and Simcash

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Simcity Buildit – How to Get Simoleons and Simcash

Simcity Buildit, a mobile title from EA has been trending over Google play store and Apple app store due to awesome features and graphics. The smooth stimulation of building a city and being the mayor is behind the intense popularity of game.  Here, you get wide range of things to do and if you want to be the best gamer then there are many things that can be taken into consideration. These can help you out in being the top notch gamer.


Simoleon is the primary and common currency of the game. It can be obtained by various methods and the easiest method is to keep the sims happy. Yes, you have to build awesome things for the sims and if they are satisfied with your work then they will pay tax. Basically, there is a finance manager to help you out. The tax rate charged in the beginning stages is 8% and if you want to increase it then it is possible but if the tax rate is too high then sims will start leaving your city. For unlimited Simoleons feel free to check our Simcity Buildit Cheats.


Simcash is premium currency and it is really hard to obtain because there are no such methods which can provide it. However, you can try out the transport HQ and it is good option because the chances of earning higher reward are more here. You can get Simcash on doing the same work on less prices than others. Make sure to complete the work in less time possible. Alternatively, you can purchase Simcash by spending real money. If you don’t want to spend real money then try out the in-game methods.

The great thing about Simcash is that you can convert it into Simoleons and it can be used in other works. It is the great benefit of Simcash that’s why most of people love it. Simcash has very few uses in the game that’s why it is better to convert it into the Simoleons.

Golden Key

It is the super premium currency of the game and there are very less chances of getting it. Basically, golden keys are offered in the beginning stages that’s why you need to complete certain levels to unlock it. Most of the luxurious casinos and awesome builds are available on the purchases and the golden key can provide it only. Make sure to spend it wisely because you have to use it in the later stages.

Spend Your Currencies Wisely

If you don’t want to tackle to any issue then must spend these currencies wisely. Most of gamers don’t pay attention to it and try to build the city in one day. Well, you have to save the currencies for other works. The Rome wasn’t built in one day so you can’t build a city in one day. Try to spend your currencies wisely and you can prioritize the upgrades so that you don’t face any kind of issue in the future. These are important factors to pay attention for.


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